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Counselling may be a talking or creative therapy that allows you to work through your struggles and find your own solutions. 

Counselling is the creation of a therapeutic relationship within a safe and supportive environment to assist with facilitating change. 

There are many therapeutic approaches that can be taylored to your individual needs, including CBT, EMDR, EFT, etc.

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Equine Assisted Psychotherapy

EAP is a partnership between you and a therapy team.  The team consists of horses, a psychotherapist and an equine specialist. 

The model is client-centered and solution-orientated, based on the premise 'you know best' the type of changes you need to make to improve your life.

The horses are a metaphor to allow you to reflect and increase self awareness.

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In an outcome driven world we can lose sight of our assets-employees.

Bespoke packages tailored for your business and teams, to enable you to increase morale, energy, motivation, productivity, team cohesion and communication.

Services can include team building activities, stress management, self care and wellbeing, group work and individual counselling.


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Recent News

26th March 2016
Bombproof and Bond
This 2 hour group workshop will enable you to use practical strategies in hand and/or ridden.   Workshop presented by Jo Wagstaff & Michelle Harris.


Workshop options always available. Bespoke to your company or as an individual. Privacy and confidentiality assured.